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About Guardian tickets

Guardian tickets  is a comparison site provided by Tixdaq Limited, who specialise in tickets for live entertainment including concerts, festivals, musicals, theatre, comedy, and sporting events and regularly list over four million tickets to events in the UK.  Your use of the site is subject to the Terms and Conditions (insert link). By using Guardian tickets, you agree to the terms and conditions. 

The goal is to help you find, compare and buy tickets at the price that is right for you. This is done by listing as many available and legitimate tickets as we can find from both the primary (e.g. Ticketmaster) and secondary (e.g. Seatwave) online ticket markets.

Guardian tickets does not sell tickets.  If you would like to purchase tickets you can follow links to the relevant agent site where you can purchase the tickets of your choice. Your contract will be with the relevant ticket agent


What does Guardian tickets do?

    • Guardian tickets provided by Tixdaq Limited, a ticket search and comparison service who help you find and compare concert, theatre, comedy and sport tickets.
    • Guardian tickets monitors and collects information on over four million tickets being sold in the primary and secondary ticket markets.
    • This enables you to find and compare the best concert tickets on the market and ensure you pay a fair price for your ideal ticket.


What Guardian tickets doesn't do

    • We don't sell tickets.
    • We don't take responsibility for problems you might experience when you buy the ticket, attend the gig or anything else related to the event
    • ...that said, we'll do our best to ensure you get the best experience by giving you some tips below.
    • We don't charge you anything - our service to you is free.


How to find, compare and buy a ticket

Finding an artist/event

    • With Guardian tickets finding and comparing tickets is easy
    • You can pick an event from the current 'Top 5', the 'Last chance' section or you can begin a new search
    • Enter the artist/event in the large search box
    • From the results list click on the artist/event that matches your search
    • Choosing a venue and date
    • Next you will see a list of venues and dates for which tickets are available.
    • Choose your preferred date - now you will see a detailed list of all the available tickets that we have located


Comparing tickets

    • The ticket results are arranged in order of cost - lowest first.
    • For each ticket we display the following snapshot:
      • Vendor - this indicates which website you will be using to make the purchase. Remember that Guardian tickets only compares tickets - we do not sell them.
      • Details - we display the headline details that are available e.g. seat location, ticket type etc. This information corresponds to the text entered by individual sellers on selling websites so format and quality can vary.
      • £/ticket - shows the price per ticket
      • Quantity - shows the number of tickets available at this price. In most cases the quantity can be split so if 10 show this doesn't mean you have to buy all 10. In other cases we show "up to x" - this is often the case with primary ticket sales where the quantity you can buy is capped.
      • Action - most tickets are available to "buy" - this indicates that there is a fixed price. Other tickets are shown as "bid" - this means you will need to bid for them because they are being auctioned. We only show auction tickets, which end today in order to keep our lowest prices meaningful.
    • Clicking on the ticket will open up the seller's website in a new window so you can review and check the ticket details, quantity available and any other information before making your final decision.
    • If the ticket is not what you want, close the window and pick an alternative from Guardian tickets' ticket list
    • If at any point you wish to go backwards to revise your choice use the green back button at the top of the search results area


Choosing the right ticket

    • When making your decision there are a number of things to consider:
      • Price - this is the most obvious factor to consider however be sure you compare price for equivalent tickets. Whilst some events may only have one type of ticket at a flat price, others may sell tickets at different prices for different types of seat.
      • Location - the better the seat or location the more you can expect to pay. Use the interactive seatmap to pick the perfect seat for you. Select a highlighted area on the map and the ticket prices for that block will appear on the right-hand side of page.
      • Packages - at the top end tickets may be sold as part of a package that includes hotel accommodation or other extras.
      • Seller fees & booking fees - on top of the tickets list price (the price displayed by us) many sellers add an additional booking/service fee. This can range from 0% to 18% so be sure to check the final price before completing the purchase.
      • Postage & packaging - in addition to booking fees you will normally pay a postage and packaging fee to cover the cost of sending the tickets to you. This price may cover normal mail or special secure services so check to see what you are paying for.
      • Guarantees - some seller websites provide guarantees to protect you against fake tickets, cancellations or other eventualities that may impact your experience. Check the details to understand the level of protection you receive. The extent of the guarantee is normally reflected in the final price paid.


Buying your ticket

    • Once you have found the ticket you want you are ready to buy it.
    • When you are buying your ticket you are contracting with the seller website so for your protection we encourage you to read carefully the terms and conditions of that website
    • Guardian tickets cannot accept any responsibility for the transaction that takes place with the actual seller, agent or ticket exchange that manages the transaction
    • Different seller websites offer different levels of guarantee and protection - please check their terms and conditions
    • Guardian tickets is free for you to use. If you find and buy a ticket using Guardian tickets you'll pay exactly the same price that you would if you'd gone direct to the seller's website.


Understanding the Guardian tickets site layout

  • Header tabs - these allow you to quickly return to the home page and access some genre specific parts of Guardian tickets
  • Search box - the main start point for any ticket search
  • Guardian tickets Home Page - this is your starting point and lists all the best selling and last chance tickets across music, theatre, comedy and sport.
  • Music/theatre/comedy/sport Home Page - here you can see the most popular tickets in your chosen genre.
  • Blue Dots - the blue dots on each rectangular box on the home pages refer to different pages. To see the next item in the list, click on the next blue dot.
  • Links - at the bottom of the page there are some links which cover important and useful things such as 'about us', 'terms of use', 'privacy policy', a 'disclaimer' and a link to 'contact us'


Seen a problem with our information?

  • As a comparison service we are monitoring information from a variety of different sources and websites.
  • Our sources often have different ways of presenting information or are slightly inconsistent:
    • spelling of artist names e.g. REM or R.E.M
    • venues which may have more than one name
  • Many of these quirks are picked up but sometimes a few slip through.
  • We are constantly working to keep the ticket data clean. If you spot anything that looks suspect we'd be happy to investigate it - just let us know by emailing us at


Technical information

To get the best out of our website we recommend that you use the one of the following browsers, preferably the latest version:


Other frequently asked questions

I click through to the vendor's website but there are no tickets or the wrong tickets for sale. Why is that?
The tickets we have listed may have already been sold. On occasions the feeds we receive may contain incorrect information, which is hard for us to control. If you see this let us know and we'll see if we can address the problem.

How much do the seller websites charge on top of the listed ticket price?
Booking fees and buyers fees are added to listed ticket price. These range from 12% to 25% for sites that make this charge. eBay has no charges to the buyer. Check the seller site's terms and conditions for the latest information.

How much can I expect to pay for postage and packaging?
Between £2 and £5. We recommend you always opt for a registered postal service that guarantees delivery.

How can I ensure I always get the best deal when buying tickets?
Use Guardian tickets every time you buy a ticket. It's free.


Still need help?

Having read the info on this page, if you still have a question then please email us directly at with your question and we'll do our best to get back to you with a personal response.